Friday, 6 April 2012

Chaitra Mela fair starts fledged, musical instrument out of the procession

मंडलाध्यक्ष सद्गुरु स्वामी भगत प्रकाश महाराज की अध्यक्षता में हवन, प्रेम प्रकाश ग्रंथ और श्रीमद भागवत गीता के पाठ
जयपुर.श्री प्रेम प्रकाश मंडल की ओर से एमआई रोड पर अमरापुर स्थान में चार दिवसीय चैत्र मेले के तहत शुक्रवार को गाजे-बाजे से शोभायात्रा निकाली गई। मंडलाध्यक्ष सद्गुरु स्वामी भगत प्रकाश महाराज की अध्यक्षता में हवन के बाद प्रेम प्रकाश ग्रंथ व श्रीमद भागवत गीता के पाठ हुए।
इससे पहले सत्संग हुआ। सुबह ध्वजारोहण के बाद मंडलाध्यक्ष भगत प्रकाश के सान्निध्य में शोभायात्रा रवाना हुई। बैंडबाजों की मधुर स्वरलहरियों पर करीब 15 झांकियों के साथ शोभायात्रा रवाना हुई। इसमें भगवान गणेश जी, गोविंददेवजी, सद्गुरु टेऊंराम, भगवान झूलेलाल, लक्ष्मीनारायण की मनोहारी झांकियों के साथ शिव बारात सहित 6 सजीव झांकियां भी भी शामिल हुई।
शोभायात्रा चांदपोल, त्रिपोलिया, जौहरी बाजार, बापू बाजार, नेहरू बाजार, इंद्रा बाजार, एमआई रोड होकर वापस अमरापुर स्थान पहुंचकर संपन्न हुई। यहां जोरदार आतिशबाजी की गई। प्रवक्ता बी.डी.टेकवानी ने बताया कि मेले के तहत 8 अप्रैल तक प्रतिदिन सुबह-शाम सत्संग होगा।

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Virtues of our beloved Satguru Swami Teoonramji, nº 21

As days passed the love of the residents of Khandu village also increased manifold times. Swamiji resisted people praising Him and singing his glories; so one day he walked away from home into the desserts and on finding an appropriate place where He experienced the presence of the Divine decided to reside there. He started meditating at that place and practiced severe penance for days together. It is rightly said that Saints dedicate their lives to welfare of human beings; it was much later learnt the land where Swamiji resided was threatened by the wind waves sweeping the sand and blanketing the entire Tando Adam city. The government had tried several ways to protect the city but was not successful. Swamiji along with Saints and devotees, worked days together moistened and layered that land with sticky soil, which prevented the sand from blowing away. Although all understood this as laying the foundation of the place for Saints to reside; it was Swamijis grace to save the village.


Monday, 2 April 2012

Virtues of our beloved Satguru Swami Teoonramji, nº 20

The death of a Honey Bee is because of its attraction to the Lotus flower; Honey Bee sits over the lotus flower to intake the fragrance of the flower, but the Bee gets so engrossed in the smell that when the sunsets the lotus flower closes its
petals and the bee gets stuck within the flower. The bee has very sharp teeth that it can cut through the branch of a tree but being intoxicated in the fragrance of the flower, the Bee forgets its potential and ends up losing its life getting trapped within the flower.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Virtues of our beloved Satguru Swami Teoonramji, nº 19

In Swami Teoonram Maharaj's JEEVNI there are so many small gestures through which Swamiji’s greatness can be learnt.

-Swamiji was full of compassion; he always helped the poor and needy. Whilst he was going to roam in the jungle one
day, he saw a poor woman grinding flour he just went offered five rupees and continued his journey.

-On one occasion, devotees prepared food for only 100 people but unexpectedly 400-500 people turned up for the
event. Swamiji gave them support saying not to worry; he sprinkled water over the food chanting the SATNAM SAKHI mantar and covered the food with a white cloth. Not only did all 500 people present there eat food but devotees who were doing service and the beggars outside consumed the food.