Swami Shanti Prakash

In Shrimad   Bhagavatam  Geeta   it  is   said, “Sometimes Lord   Krishna descends    personally, sometimes   he descends through incarnation and sometimes he descends in the form of a devotee.”

In this age,  Lord  Krishna has  sent  one noble  soul  in  the form of His devotee, for spreading His message.  He  is  none  less  than  his  Holiness  Param  Poojiniya Satguru Swami Shanti Prakashi Maharaj. 

He was born in a small village of sindh, called Chak, in 1907, on the day of Raksha Bandhan,  in the   house   of   Mata  Jugadevi  and  Dada  Asoodomal.  Satguru´s  birth  name  was  Khairaj. Mata  Jugaldevi used to recte Ram-Naam in the early hours of dawn, with Swamiji in herlaps and taught him to cultivate  the religious habits.

At the age of 11 he  lost his eyesight when he  got  an attack of small-pox disease. His parents tried their  best  to  regain  this  eyesight.  Ultimately  his  father  took  him  to  a  great  Saint  of Sind, Sant Harchooram who blessed the Child and asked the father not to worry. His child would not be at loss even after losing his eye  sight,  on the  contrary,  he  would enlighten the world with his  inner  light.  A sagewould visit  Chak and  would  take him with  himself.

Thus, in 1923,  at  the  age  of  16, he met  his  Spiritual  Master, Braham Gyani  Satguru Swami  Teoonram  ji  Maharaj,  the  pioneer  of  Prem   Prakash Mandal.  Accepting    Swamiji  under   his   fold,  Satguru  Teoonramji Maharaj  brought  him  to  his headquarters Amrapur  Asthan,    a great  temple  on the  top of Sands,  in Tando Adam,  Sindh and began to build up his Spiritual life bye doing Sheva.

He  visited  Hyderabad  and  then  Haridwar so as to enrich his divine knowledge and experience. After that, he went on a pilgrimage with other saints going through a difficult route, even through the Himalayas.

He  stayed  for 2 years in Amritsar so as to gain, more understanding, about the Guru Granth sahib. Once he finished his divine Studies,  he  came  back  to  Satguru Teoonram  and  on  the  14th   November,  1937, he was  initiated into  Sanyas bye his  Holi  Master and rechristened Shanti Prakash.

Sain Shanti Prakash along with Satguru Swami Sarvanand ji Maharaj, and in those moments Saint Hardasram, later Satguru Swami Haridasram ji Maharaj.

In May 1942, Acharya Swami Teoonram merged  in  the Supreme  Lord  and Satguru Swami  Sarvanand Maharaj was crowned s head of Prem Prakash Mandal. In  1947  after  the partition, Swamiji left Pakistan and  want  to  Ahmedabad  and later in Jaipur where he inaugurated the new Amrapur Darbaar by celebrating the Chaitra Mala (we still celebrate this mela  to conmemorate the occasion.) 

Swami   Shanti   Prakash´s  visit  to  Ulhasnagar  was  like  a  ray  of  Sunlight  on  a  misty day. His melodious bhajans touched soft corners of many a wavering heart. Thus, with the permission of S.C. he opened a small temple which grew with the passing of the time. He was the favourite of  all the sages, and everyone felt a great love for him, just like the  gopis  and  guals for  Krishna.

When  Swami Sarvanand ji decided to depart from this world to heavenly abode of the Lord, Satguru Swami Shanti Prakash succeeded him on the 4th August 1977 and he humbly said:
“You  all  have  entrusted  me  with  great  responsibility. I am a  most  humble  servant of Guru Maharaj. I am nothing. I am Zero. All are his manifestation, He is the Supreme Director.  We  all are his artists and ill carry on this holy mission  under the benign guidance of  Satguru  Teoonram ji Maharaj and Satguru Sarvanand ji Maharaj.”

Satguru Swami Shanti Prakash, His teachings and His words were as Krishin Bhagwan´s Swami  Shanti  Prakanshji  was  a  philantiopist,  a  thinker  who  went out of his way to defend the cows,  taught   us    the   Ekadashi´s  significance,  Krishna  bhakti,  and   Guru   Bhakti.  He  travelled throughout the word to preach the name of God. He was  love  personified. By a  mere  vision  (darshan)  of   Swamiji,  people  used  to  forget  their  worldly   problems  and seemingly reached in Brindaban.

On  the  14th  August  Satguru  Swami  Shanti Prakashji after bidding farewell to all of his desciple in Bombay, flew to Singapore together with Sant Dev Prakashji, Sant Anand Prakashji and Sant Gyanji. His last words in this materialistic word were to Sant Dev Prakash: “What time is it?”  and  he said “3:45 a.m.” Swamiji told  him that he wanted to go to the toilet, when he came back he sat down and closed his eyes forever. He left this world just as when Lord Krishna left the Gopis in Brindaban and never returned back.



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