Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Satguru Swami Teoonram ji Maharaj 127th Birthday

Dear Premis,

Satnam Sakhi to all !!
With the blessings of Acharya Shree Satguru Swami Teoonram ji Maharaj from today onwards up to 14th July 2013 we are all celebrating the 127th Birthday of our Poojnay Acharya Shree Satguru Swami Teoonram ji Maharaj .

We will like all the premis to send photos and a small description of how you have you celebrated Sai´s Birthday so we can published in our website.

Please remember these dates are very important for us remembering our Guru Maharaj  and reading about him will make us be more nearer to him.

We all together pray to Him and ask him to guide us so we can always be in this devotional path.

Ik hi prem prabhu ko Bhae !!!!

1) We can 127 candles.
2) Read the Brahmdarshani, Jeewan Sakhi, Guru Prathna ashtak , Recite 108 times maha mantra Satnam Sakhi  &  if you can read the Satguru Swami Teoonram ji Maharaj chalisa everyday.
3) Do not eat meat neither drink alcohol .
4) At home everybody do the arti together like this Swamiji would always be at your home protecting your family and friends.
Satnam Sakhi


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