Swami Teunram

The purpose of this life history is to enlighten and illumine our soul. Whenever people divert their attention from their respective religion and get involved in Maya or false illusions, God reincarnates on this earth in human form for mans salvation.

Sindh used to be a pious land of saints and sages. On the bank of the holy river, Sindhu there was a village called Khandu, where our Pooj 1008 Satguru Swami Teoonramji Maharaj was born on the 6th of July, 1887, at 9.00 a.m. Swamiji´s parents Shri Chellaram ji and Mata Krishna Devi were great devotees. They spent their lives in the service of Saints and Sages who visited them, and everyday divine discourses were conducted at their home.
One a group of saints of Haridwar and Rishikesh visited Khandu. Bhakt Chellaram cordially invited them to his house and served them with all his heart and soul. These Saints enlightened the audience with their ambrosial divine discourses and devotional songs. Listening to these devotional songs, Mata Krishna prayed to the Almighty Lord to grant her a child like these pious and celestial beings. She had heard that God is pleased with penance and grants the boon to his devotees as well as fulfills their desires. Taking permission from her husband she began her fast for 40 days. In due course of time, the celestial infant Swami Teoonram adorned her lap.

The infant Teoonram was verily like the Sun. As with the rising of the sun, darkness is dispelled fragrant flowers and beautiful buds bloom in the garden, likewise the gaces of the members of the family, neighbours and relatives became resplendent and radiant with joy, on looking at this celestial infant. The naming ceremony was performed on the sixth day and infant was named Teoonram.

Since childhood, Mata Krishna Devi used to sing the dhuni of Shivohum to Swamiji. Swamiji grew up amidst religious surroundings. As a child, Swamiji was not interested in playing like the other children. He would call his friends and make them chant the name of God. Swami Teoonram was always serving the Saints who visited their place, this way he listened to their teachings. Once a Saint in his discourse mentioned that it was necessary for every human being to have a GURU MANTRA. Hearing this Swamiji went to Shri Assooram who was a known saint and attained
Guru Mantra. Swamiji was 12 years old then.

At the age of 16, Swami Teoonram´s revered father Shri Chellaram, left his body for heavenly abode. After his father, Swamiji looked after the shop and conducted SatSang. Swamiji dedicated his life to Sheva, SatSang and Meditation. Many youngsters became followers of Swamiji and together they formed the Prem Prakash Mandal. The principles of this Mandarl were: Spreading of the vedic culture; Awakening and sowing the seed of devotion towards God, in the people´s mind; Service to Mankind irrespective of Caste and Creed; Maintenance of Religious Unity and that of harmonious relations with every other religious sect.

Satguru Swamiji spent his entire life in the service of mankind and spreading the teachings of “ SANATAN DHARMA” to each and every corner of Sindh, illumining thus the entire Sindhi culture.

In 1920, while travelling with his disciples, Satguruji reached the vast sandy expanse of Tando Adam, which had a dense jungle on its other side. Satguruji decided that this place would be appropiate for establishing a centre for the diffusion of Sanathan Dharma and where Saints, sages, seekers, and travellers could come and find happiness. Inspite of several difficulties and opposition from various quarters, AMRAPUR ASTHAAN was built. Soon this place would become a pilgrimage.

Although Satguruji didn´t receive any formal education, his poetic compositions reflect HIS infinitive Divine wisdom and high social thinking. These are compiled in a large Granth of 800 pages in Sindhi and Hindi verses, known as “Shri Prem Prakash Granth”. Besides, Satguruji has also written “Dialogue between Nachiketa and Yamraj” in prose.

Poojya Satguru Swami Teoonram ji Maharaj left for his heavenly abode in 1943 on a Saturday in Hyderabad (Sindh) at Prem Prakash Ashram in the presence of Swami Madhavdasji Maharaj.Hearing about Swamijii many of his devotees came from all over Sindh and paid their respects to their true master. With the Holy ashes of Swami Teoonram a beautiful Samadhi was constructed in Tando Aadam.


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