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Satguru Swami Teunram mahima story 25

Once whn Shri Gurudev ji was Travelling He reached Adratki Village in Sindh

There Swamiji saw a large crowd of people

When enquired abt it people said that every month a lady , wife of Bhai Mangalram swings on Chandra Darshan so people from different places cum to ask questions as today is Chandra Darshan so people have cum to meet her 
Govindram Requested Swamiji to stop the lady from swinging as it is causing problems for everyone

Swamiji then called MangalRam n asked him about his wife

He told that even he has asked his wife to stop from doing this But she insists that a demigod settles in her n even she does not knows about it . He requested Swamiji to stop his wife from doing it

In the evening MangalRam told Swamiji to cum along as her wife is swinging
Swamiji went to his place n saw the lady swinging in between so many people
Sai TeoonRam Baba told the lady to stop all this but she kept swinging n with all her hair open n spread over her face she told Swamiji 'I'll eat You' Swamiji then asked Swami Gurmukhdas to bring a burnt wooden stick n put fire in her hair as it seems the Devta is settled there. As Swami Gurmukh das tried to burn the lady's hair she jumped from swing n told to keep away the fire as Devta is gone 

Everyone was shocked n then they realised their mistake n started praising Swamiji The lady then came n apologised n took naam diksha from "Shri Gurudev Bhagwan".

Boot Pret Kuch Nahi hote.. Kewal Mann ka Vaham hota hai
Bas "Shri Gurudev Bhawan" me Poorn Vishvash Rakho....

Dhan Guru TeoonRam Baba..... Dhan Guru TeoonRam.....

'Ahero Satguru Aahe jo Sabninja dukh laahe,
Jeko Sharan Vatheto. Tehenji, Tehenke Paar utare
Satguru deen dayalu aa Preminjo Rakhpallu aa kadehen kina visare tho ,
bola bharam Nivare tho,
Gyan dhyaan ji deyi yukti nij atamji deyi Shakti
Bodh sande bere te chare pal me paar Pujaaye...


Monday, 16 June 2014

Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 24

Great Saints can influence nature whether it's living or non livingWhether it is human beings animals or birds. Once in Tande Aadam in Shri Amprapur Asthan also called as Dibbh, it was late afternoon and all the saints n Swamiji were taking rest after having lunch.

At that time Swami Gurmukh das n two other Saints were looking after the darbar. A big
 huge lion came from the bushes of the jungle n was walking around Swamiji 's cottage.All the saints got scared. They couldn't understand what to do they did not wanted to scream or call anyone, as it would disturb Swamiji n other saints.

The Lion kept roaming around the darbarBut It did not harm anyone .He then sat down in front of Gurudev's cottage with eyes closedn folded paws.Who can understand the feelings of dumb animalsThe Lion waited long for Darshan of Shri Gurudev Bhagwan.. Mute Satguru Ahadi Bhajh Kar Ka....,After sometime Satguru Dev came out of his cottage. There was an ecstatic glow n light on the face of Swamiji that 1000 of suns could not take its place.HE then put his sacred vision on the lionSeeing Swamiji the lion got up n came near HIM, touched his lotus feet n stood up with both his paws joined. It kept staring at Swamiji with so much of love in its eyesShri Gurudev then touched its head lovingly n blessed the lionThe lion then went off in the jungle happilyAll the premis were surprised n shocked to see this incident.Such is the magic of great saints whose luv n devotioncan even change the nature of wild animals .

Variyun Vasayun to Sajan Variyun Vasayun..Jahi Dibhun Matha Variay Sanda Dheer the ditha,Aas-Paas Gidad - Baghad Suwar Sher the Ditha......


Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 23

In Tandeadam, Sindh Swamiji had appointed Sant Premdas to look after the groceries n to bring vegtables from the market. He would then cook n serve all the saints.

Everyday Sant Premdas took money from Swamiji to buy groceries n vegetables

Swamiji always used to put his hand under the pillow n remove cash n give him as much as he wanted.

Once Sant Premdas ,as usual went to ask money, but Swamiji was not in his room. He waited for long , but Swamiji did not come .
At that time, some Saint came n asked him '' Why u have not gone to the market, till now.?"

Sant said he was waiting for Swamiji to give money.
They said" it is getting late, you only remove the money, we'll tell Swamiji about it"

Sant Premdas refused to do so .

All the Saints, then waited for long, but when Swamiji did not return , they asked Premdas 'where does Sai keep the money??'

He replied, "Swamiji always keeps cash, under the pillow'
They said 'ok then we'll get the money for u' .
They went inside the room n picked up the pillow but couldn't find anything. They searched under the Bedsheet, looked everywhere but there was no money, so they all came out disappointed.

They told Sant Premdas that 'money is not there'.
Premdas said '😮but Sai always removes money from there only'.

At that moment, Swamiji reached there n asked them, "why you all have come here???"
They told Swamiji the whole incident.
Swamiji smiled at them n said that 'money is always under the pillow only u have not searched properly'.

Swamiji then asked them to come with him n HE put his hand under the pillow, n to their dismay took out some cash and gave to Sant Premdas.
All were shocked to see money there, as they had searched evrywhr but they couldn't find any money.(Sai TeoonRam Baba ki Rahasyamayi Adbut Leela)

' Ajab aa Sai Ji Leela,
Cha ma cha banaye to....'
Swamiji then told them that without permission one should not pick anyone's belongings, as according to our holy books, it is a sin. Everyone bowed down and asked for forgiveness.. 



Saturday, 14 June 2014


Saints keep travelling from one place to another to educate and liberate people.

Once Gurudev was going to Khandu, when suddenly in their heavenly mood they started walking towards another direction singing bhajans and all the saints followed Him..

They started walking at 5 in the morning and reached a town named 'Banne' in the evening. As they were tired, Swamiji asked them to rest.They all sat on a platform near a shop.The owner of the shop came running and said in a very harsh voice"who r u?,why r u sitting here.Go away from here.!" The saints said that we r tired,and we want to rest for some time.He loudly replied that we dont allow any strangers to come in our village.

Swamiji asked the saints to leave that place.But wherever they went , nobody allowed them to sit. 

There was one Darbar also, but the head said that we dont allow any saints or travellers to stay here. The saints were astonished by the behavior of those people.

Swamiji just smiled and said that as God wishes."Hari ichcha".

"Jo Banave Ishwar Tum. Tahi Par Raji Raho
Ja Bani Sa Hai Bhali Sab Yun Sada Mukh Se Kaho".

The saints were very tired and hungry, but when Swamiji started singing they all forgot their hunger and took their musical instruments and started singing bhajans.

Dheeraj Dhar Mann Muhinja,
Satguru Karj Savarindo, Beda Paar Lagaindo, Dukda Dard Mitaindo" 
The whole town was in deep slumber and Swamijis sweet melodious voice was echoing in the night.
When people heard His nectar like sweet voice, they were all so mesmerised that they got up from their sleep and went to see who was singing???
Swamiji with his eyes closed was singing bhajans in devotional ecstasy.
When these devoted souls sings , their songs can melt anyone's heart
The people of that town were ashamed and repented . .They fell on Swamijis feet and begged for forgiveness 

Swamiji just smiled and said its all God's wish. People who insulted Swamiji earlier, now pleaded Him to come to their house. . They served them different varieties of food and sweets

Swamiji stayed there for a few days n during satsang adviced them to respect and serve people happily.

"Athithi Devo Bhava"
'Treat your guest as God'
Thus Swamiji reformed people of the whole village .
'Swami Teoonram aaye
Jin soye jeev jagaye...
paap karm mai bhool pade tis,
Shubh karmo marg laye...


Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 21

Once when a Chaitra Mela was going on in the Darbar, a thief entered, and tried to steal .

Some people caught him and took him to "Shri Gurudev"  He got scared n fell on Guruji's feet, and asked for mercy. The premis were very angryand wanted to beat him, and hand him over to the police.
Shri Gurudev asked him,why he did all this?

He criedand said 'O Merciful, i am very poor. Pls forgive me.' Listening to his sorrowful story, kind-hearted Shri Gurudev obliged him and asked the thief to become the watchman in the darbar and to work honestly. He was very delighted, and agreed to do any work in the darbar.

All the premis were very impressed by Guruji's decision.and praised Him.

Chor Pakad Kar Samne,
laye Sewadar !
Kirpa Darsti Guru ki bhai,
Ban gaya Chokidar !! 


Mere Satguru Deen Dayal Swami TeoonRam hai, Jo Aata Unki Saharan Mein, Pata Mukati Dham hai ! 

Tha Chor Sharan mein Aaya, Chaukidar hua dar ka, Papi Sadhu Ban Jate, Japte Ram-Ram hai.... 😇


Thursday, 12 June 2014

Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 20

Once to spread the Message of Dharma,Shri Gurudev reached the Kadarpur town. People were very impressed with His inspirational discourses. Some Aryasamajis approached Swamiji and requested Him to come along with them to a nearby cemetry. One of their brother, Karamchand was sitting there near a Fakir Baba's tomb (kabr)with a desire of fulfilling his wish. He says that he will sit there, until his wish of having a son is fulfilled.

They had tried a lot to convince him, but he was not listening. They requested "Shri Gurudev Bhagwan" to make him understand, or he will adopt the Islamic religion.

Satgurudev at once agreed,and went with them and asked Karamchand about his problem. He bowed down on Gurudev's feet and told his story. Shri Gurudev blessed him and asked him softly to getup from that grave and chant- SATNAM SAKSHI....., by which all his wishes will get fulfilled. Gurudev explained him about the glory of Sanatan Dharmaand adviced him never to change his dharma.. 

Dharm Apne mahi hardam, 
Pyar kar natna nhi , 
Shish jaave jaan de par Dharam se hatna nahi'
Karamchand was ashamedand he got back to his religion.. 

Swamiji sang this bhajan at that time

Hum Geet Sanatan Gayenge, 
Nit Jhanda Dharm Jhulayenge 

Karamchand's wishes got fulfilled very soon and everyone started praising Swamiji 

Dhan Guru TeoonRam Baba....... Dhan Guru TeoonRam.....

Prem Prakash Sandesh - hindi

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 19

Once Swamiji along with Sant Mandali were Travelling from Kashmore to Kadergoan in a boat Swamiji n his devotees were singing bhajans. 

In the evening strong winds started blowing there was hugh waves in the Sindhu River The boat was in the middle of the river Seeing the bad weather boatman said Swamiji, ' it seems there is a high tide n bcoz of strong waves I'm not able to stop, You are the saviour who can help us to cross this river ' One was not able to see the shore n there was nothing other than the jungle and water so boatman got confused n panicked. He tried to reach on the bank of the River, but couldn't find it b'coz of the darkness,
He prayed Swamiji to save everyone's life n guide him as he didn't knew the way. All the Sant mandali were scared, and they prayed Swami ji ....

'Kar Paar tu bhedo Muhinjo
Mukhe Tuhinjo aa Aadhar
'O' Swami TeoonRam !
Tuhinje naale ta balihaar......
Muhinja Satguru pyara.. Muhinje jiye ja jiyaara...,'

Seeing this, Swamiji asked everyone to chant Satnam sakhi....and then He showed hand towards the strong winds

Within few moments the winds went into other direction Slowly the waves calm down The path in the river became clear He asked the boatman to take the boat toward's the direction of His hand

After one hour they could see a light far away.

Swamiji guided him towards that light, and as they reached there, everyone got reliefed n sang praises of Satguru Maharaj.


'Dhan Guru TeoonRam
Baba.... Dhan Guru Teoonram'......


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 18

Great Saints make impossible things possible very easily.They get immense Shakti (power) from their devotion and Meditation. (Bhajan-Tap-Sadahna)💥 No work in this world, is impossible for them.

Once in 1940, Gurudev "Sai TeoonRam BaBa" were having (Bhojan prashadi) with the Sant Mandali in a devotee's house, in a small town called Kamej

The saints were getting late as they had to go to another town, to catch the train. 🚋 The train did not stop 🚦at Kameja station. And the main station was quite far.The saints got tensed, and they started eating very fast.
Gurudev, who had a sacred and a foresighted vision, asked the saints to relax and have their meal.

Suddenly a premi came and informed that the train in which Gurudev had to travel was having some mechanical problem and it had stopped at the Kameja station.

Shri Gurudev- asked the saints to get ready to go to the nearby station. When they reached, the train was not starting and the mechanics were trying hard to repair it.

"Shri Gurudev" asked everyone to sit in the train,and as soon as Gurudev and the Sant mandali sat in the Train , the engine 🚂 Roared and the Train started moving. All the people were overjoyed and amazed😀.
The premis who had come to see off Gurudev,said that it was a great miracle (Sai ki Adbhut leela) and they sang praises of Swamiji.

Dhanguru TeoonRam Baba......
Dhan Guru TeoonRam..

Satguru Tera ho Rakhwara..... Malik Tera ho Rakhwara....
Okhi Ghadi na Vekhan deve....

..... Om Namah - Sai TeoonRamay..

Monday, 9 June 2014

Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 17

Once in Tande Aadam...

A man named Moolchand modilal came n fell on feet of Satguru Maharaj he cried n said ' O Swamiji! O Bhagwan !

The fields r drying n I've to give 5000 quintals of bajra in market There is no rainfall this year as a result I've to sell my shop n house  bajra rate has increased n only 15 days r left Pls Satguru Bhagwan save us'
Swamiji consoled him n told that. Don't worry God 'll do good for everyone.

'Bhali Bhali toh kare sab bhali 're...
Tu dil ghabraye na
Mann khe mujaye na
Bhagwan kare toh bhali 're...'

'In evening during Satsang on request of Bhai Moolchand- Swamiji sang a Sarang Bhajan looking towards west 

As He sang thundering sound of clouds was heard n within few min sky was covered with clouds n as Bhajan got over it started Raining heavily everyone danced n sang praises of Swamiji 

Dhanguru TeoonRam..
It rained continuously for 8 days.

There was so much Bajra in the last that cows n cattles were given to eat as it was getting sprouted

Bhai Moolchand earned a profit of rs10000 at that time..
Such was the power in Satguru Maharaj's Divine Voice...

DhanGuru TeoonRam Baba

Om Namah Sai TeoonRamay

Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 16

In Sindh Tande Aadam Swamiji 's Shri Amprapur Darbar was built on sand dunes There was sand everywhere.

Swamiji was staying there with some saints n shewadharis.

Once Swamiji was taking rounds in the darbar, when the bell rang for lunch.(Bhojan- Prashadi) All saints and sevadharis reached the Bhandara hall. 
The place was not yet made properly. There was sand all around.
All of them sat in a row on the ground and waited for Swamiji. when Swamiji came, everyone got up immediately. He asked them to sit down.
Meals were served to everyone n the saints recited their prayers... when all of a sudden a strong wind blew and it covered the whole place with sand.
The sand blew n got mixed in the food . The saints refusedto eat as there was so much of sand in their plates Swamiji in a polite way asked everyone to eat the Prasad thinking It to be sweet rice , not sand.
And now see the Leela of Swamiji

All started eating keeping firm belief in Satguru Baba n what a Miracle the food tasted like sweet Rice......

The sand became the grains of Rice n that also sweet. Everyone had their food happily  singing praises of Swamiji

They were astonished n shocked n could nt believe it 

This was not a magic spell done by Swamiji but 

It is the Magnanimity (Sain ki Adbut leela) of Great Saints😇 and Devoted

Souls who incarnate for the welfare of the people. 




Saturday, 7 June 2014

Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 15

Once while travelling Satguru Swami Teoonramji Maharaj reached a village. He stayed there for a few days and with His divine discourses, motivated people, towards the spiritual path.
There was a saintly man named Bhai Roopchand , who was famous for his hospitality towards saints n guests. For some reason, he could not attend Swamiji's Satsang. Devotees requested Guru Maharaj to visit his house.

One day,Swamiji agreed n reached Bhai Roopchand's house. He was very excited n overjoyed to see Swamiji,
"Aj Muhinja Thiya Thum Bhaag Bhala,
Ghar Aaya Satguru Paer Bhare..."
He praised Swamiji n said , I'm very lucky that such great souls have visited my house. Now all my sins will wash away n I'll attain salvation' Swamiji said , 'I ve heard that you grind grains with your own hands n serve saints n guests. If anything is left serve me also some roti and water.'

Bhai Roopchand heart filled with happiness n with great joy n love he served Swamiji some Rotis n dal. 

As Krishna had accepted puffed rice of Sudama n bananas of Vidhurji , as Ramji ate Bhilani 's berries, similarly Satguru Maharaj ate his food happily.
Bhav ka Bhukha hu me, bas Bhav hi ik Saar hai....

Such was our Bhakat Vatsalaya Prema Savroop Gurudev Swami TeoonRamji Maharaj..

Dhan Guru TeoonRam Baba... Dhan Guru TeoonRam....


Friday, 6 June 2014

Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 14

"Sant Vachan Palte Nahi ! Chahe Palat Jaye Brahmaand "

Saints are blissful souls, who can bring a substantial change in the life of his devotee, with the help of their yogic strength. Their words become the ultimate truth -A Statement. Once while Traveling, Swamiji reached Chak Gaon. Sant Udhavdas ji was also with Him. He played the harmonium🎹 beautifully. Swamiji liked him to play it, when they sang Bhajans.

Once Sant Udhavdas ji's father became severely ill. He asked Udhavdas ji to stay back with him, but he said that he cannot, without Gurudev's permission. His father pleaded him not to go. He became more ill. Not knowing what to do, Udhavdas ji went to Swamiji and told Him the whole story. Swamiji loved Udhavdasji to play the Harmonium for Him and their was no one in the group to play it at that time. They told him "Your main aim to stay back is your father's health, so I promise you that he will become absolutely fine.".

Swamiji stayed in Chak, for few more days and during that period Sant Udhavdas ji's father became fit and healthy. He even started coming for Gurudev's discourses. Sant Udhavdas ji was relieved of his Tension. and he continued his Travel along with Gurudev.


Such is the Power of Great Saints like Swami TeoonRamji Maharaj...

"Moo Varto Aadhar Aaye, Swami TeoonRam Jo...
Saari Duniya Jas thi Gaye, Swami TeoonRam Jo...


Thursday, 5 June 2014

Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 13

Great Souls incarnate for the well being of souls who bcoz of their samkaar have got misled in their lives.

One man named "Saindina" was a government employee . He was security guard of the jungle. He was addicted to opium ( afeem) n would spend his salary to buy it. His family were also worried about his habit. He hims
elf wanted to leave this addiction but used to fall sick when he stopped having opium. 

Once Saindina went to hear Swamiji's Satsang. During discourse "Guru Maharaj" explained about good and bad deeds and its consequences. Listening to the soulful divine voice Saindina heart melted . After the Satsang, He went and met Swamiji n with utter sorrow prayed him, ' O' Merciful Lord , Fhakir Sai... I Daya Karo.... ve a bad habit of taking drugs. Pls bless me to come out of this habit so that I can also live a better life My whole family is in distress bcoz of this'

Swamiji who was sitting in own ecstatic mood, after listening to him took some Khabar junglee leaves and Randomly gave Saindana Swamiji told him to eat 2-3 leaves when he felt like having opium Saindina obeyed "Guru maharaj" and with his blessings, Saindina got relieved from his old habit and he took the naam diksha from Swamiji Such is the miracle (Bhakati Me Shakti) power in the blessings of Great Revered Saints otherwise those leaves could not have cured SaindIna. It is bcoz their life is based on the divine virtues of truth and devotion

Dhan Guru TeoonRam Baba.....Dhan Guru TeoonRam......


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Swani Teunram old pic



Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 12

Once SwamiTeoonRam ji Maharaj left the house at 4 am. On the way, He reached a village named Matyara.
While going around the market, Swamiji saw a shop of Tamboora, a classicmusical instrument like a Tamboora (iktara).

He wanted to buy one, but He didn't had any money.
Swamiji always believed in....
Mangan Maran Saman hai,
Mat Mango koi bheek !
Mangan se marna bhala,
Yeh Satguru ki seekh !!

Swamiji never believed in begging, so He decided to work and earn some money.
Some Construction work was going on nearby ,so He decided to work .
There a contractor Asked Swamiji to pick up the bricks and take it inside the building and he'll be paid 7rs.

Swamiji immediately agreed and started working. The whole day Swamiji worked hard and at the end of the day, He had only 7rs. Baba needed 3rs more to buy the Tamboora. Swamiji had to work for 3 more days.

Mazduri Karke liya,
Iktaare Ka Saaj !
Bool na kis se Magiye,
Kesa bhi ho kaj !!

The contractor was so Happy with His work that he insisted Swamiji to work till the construction got over, 
but Swamiji refused and took the money  and went to the Market to buy the Tamboora.... iktara...
'Swami TeoonRam jag mai
Wahja kayi Kamayi
Darwesh ho illahi...'

Dhan Guru TeoonRam Baba...
Dhan Guru TeoonRam...
Om Namah: Sai TeoonRamay

Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 11

The Glory of Great Saints cannot be sung by common people like us. Swami Teoonramji were one such Supersoul, who blessed and reformed many people. 

Once Swamiji along with other saints and devotees went to the jungle for a pleasure trip. It was very hot and sunny. Swamiji walked quite fast. All 
the devotees were left far behind except Sant Udhavdas ji. He kept running and following Gurudev . Gurudev who were iimmersed in their devotion mood, walked faster and faster. Sant Udhavdas ji tried hard to keep pace with Him .

Suddenly Swamiji turned and saw that all other premis were left far behind. Sant Udhavdas ji prayed to Swamiji, "Baba, please wait! I'm very thirsty, and their is no well or river in this jungle.. " Just see the Super natural power of such revered saints. !!!!.

Swamiji asked Saint Udhavdas ji to push aside a stone from a big rock nearby.. As Udhavdas ji removed the stone, a big flow of water started flowing out. He was amazed, as their was no river or water around. The land was also very dry. He drank water and was contented.. Swamiji then asked him to cover it back with the stone. Udhavdas ji did, as told. But he could not understand, where the water came from... Such is the mystical power of Super Beings.. . 

"Teri Mahima hai Nyari....,
Tum Bhaktan Hitkari....., Teri Divya Kripa Drishti....
Adhbut Mangalkari.... Deeno ka Dukh Hare.... Hai Paawan Tera Naam... 

Dhan Guru Teoonram Baba 

Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 10

Jiye Sagar be Anat aa,
Tiye be Anat Fhakir !
Jo kam na Allah Kare,
So Kam Kare Fhakir !!
Satguru Maharaj ji showed his fair play (Leela) innumerable times during his lifetime.
Once there was bhakt named Hiralal in TandeAadam who was a very sincere devotee of Maharajji  He had requested Swamiji many a times to come to his house to shower his blessings 

One afternoon during hot summer days Swamiji suddenly decided to go to Hiralal house He asked his mandali to get ready to go there Everyone was shocked as it was very hot and warm winds were blowing But Great saints are unaffected by weather conditions Everyone started walking along with Swamiji
The whole troupe of saints were getting exhausted bcoz of heat 

They pleaded Swamiji ' O Lord pls save us from this heat and shower some rain ' Swamiji then sang a heart rendering bhajan
BADAL KARE BAHAR... VAS HIN VELE.... Praying God to pour rain showers so that to relieve his devotees from heat Listening to Him, Lord Indra couldnt stop himself all of sudden there was heavy showers of Rains.... 

Devotees started singing n rejoicing in the rains

Swamiji was happy to see them He walked towards Hiralal house singing n thanking Supersoul

' Tuhinji Rahmat thiye Jehete data....
Dur tehenji thiye saari uljhan
Dihan dukhaan ja dise na kadehi 
Tehenjo khushiyan sa bhariyal rahe mann.....


Satguru Swami Teoonramji Mahima Story 9

In Sindh TandeAdam, Swamiji along with some saints were staying on the sand dunes They were constructing the small huts and the stage for satsang. Every thing was left open, without locks.

In the morning they worked and later went for meditation for many hours.

One night some thieves came and stole away all the eatables, vessels and groceries. 

When the saints woke up in the morning n found nothing they were very disturbed and angry.But Gurudev was calm and quiet.They asked Guruji, if they can go and search for the thievesvSwamiji said please dont bother,The One who gave us everything,has taken it away.It is all His fair play(leela) We should all just have firm faith in Him.
Now the saints were very hungry, n There was no food at all.

Satgurudev told them,not to worry and do Naam Sankirtan..... 

After a while, a Brahmin lady named Lakshmi came to the Darbar,with lots of food for the saints. The saints asked her who she was,and from where she had come?

She said that she lived in a nearby village, n her name was Lakshmi n she was a Brahmin n that her inner voice told her to make some food for the saints and serve them..

The saints were very shocked and happy, not because they had food to eat,but they knew that it was all 'coz of their Gurudev's Kripa (blessing).

Tuhinji Kirpa thiye jain the daata,
Dur thenji thiye saari uljhan,
Diyan dukhan ja dise na so kadhee
thenjo khusian sa bhariyal rahe mann....,

That lady was then never seen again 
All saints bowed down n praised Swamiji



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