Swami Sarvanand

In Sindh a flower bloomed whose fragrance is still remembered. This was Swami Sarvanand ji Maharaj. Swamiji was born on a Thursday, in 1897, in the month of October, near the river Sindhu in a village called Bhitshah at Bhakt Shri Shewakram and Shrimati Ishwarbai´s house. Swamiji was named “Siru”.

Later Swami Sarvanand ji requested Poojya Swami
Teoonram to accept his as a desciple and to initiate him. Swami Teoonram accepted and kept his name Sarvanand. The teachings which his Guru gave him were practised by Satguru Sarvanand throughout his life. The teachings were: service to all and meditation.

It is remembered that from morning till night-fall, Swamiji spent most of the time in Sheva. Swamiji considered Meditation as a very important aspect in the daily life. Before sun rises Swamiji used to wake up and meditate on the Guru Mantra. Swamiji went in the dense forest of Rishikesh and meditated.

During the discourses Swamiji would explain about Karm (good and bad deeds), Dharm (religion), Gyan (knowledge), Bhakti (devotion), Prem (love for God).

In 1974 Swamiji toured foreign countries and also visited Las Palmas. Swamiji told his devotees of Las Palmas that there should be a place where SatSang could be conducted, because a place where there is no SatSang is not a place worth living. Some of the devotees took the intiative and inaugurated a SatSang hall which was called SATNAM SAKHI MANDIR.

On 21st July 1977 Pooj Swami ji left us for his heavenly abode and according to their wish their ashes were taken to Haridwar and scattered in the waters of the Holy Ganges. Let us say Guru Bhakt Satguru Swami Sarvanand ji Maharaj ki Jai.


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