Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Jeevni of Swami Teoonram ji Maharaj

Dear Premis,

We would like that all of you read the Jeevni of Swami Teoonram ji Maharaj but as many dont have time someone has done the shewa to recorded.
We are going to put the jeevni daily as the website so everyday up to the 40th day we can try to complete the jeevni.

So we would like you to listen and learn more about our Acharya Satguru Swami Teoonram ji Maharaj.

Satnam Sakhi

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Monday, 14 May 2012

Satnam Sakhi Pritiyogita 2012


Dear Premis,

This year we have again an exam, but this time we are having the opportunity to learn the Life of Poojnay Acharya Shree Satguru Swami Teoonram ji Maharaj´s life history.

This year topic of exam 125 questions and answer important notes we have to take from our Acharya Shree Satguru Swami Teoonram ji Maharaj.

Anyone who wants to give the exam please email at or The exam has to take place before 15th June 2012.

Here are the notes please if you have any doubt dont hesitate also from
17th May we are starting 40 days chalio for Swami Teonram ji Birthday in this 40 days try to read the jeevni or brahmdarshani.
If you can light a candle infront of the murti of Swami Teoonram ji Maharaj.

Read the Swami Teoonram ji Chalisa

Chant 108 Satnam Sakhi mantar daily at home

In this way we would make our house a Mandhir.

Last time when all of us did it together, some premi dream of Sai and he told that he was very happy of all of us worshipping him together and whenever anyone has a sorrow you pray to me and I would remove all your sorros and grief.

Once a year if we do a virt together there is no harm, and if we sacrifice 40 days of something we like that also would be good.

Please forward this message to all premis and Satguru Maharaj would be always with us to full fill all our bhakti.

Satnam Sakhi

His Holiness Puj Satguru Swami Bhagat Prakash ji Maharaj

Satnam Sakhi