Swami Bhagat Prakash

You are a very special person
There is no one like you in the whole world.
From the beginning of the time there has never been another person like you.
Nobody has your smile, your eyes, your hands…
Nobody has your lyrics, your voice: YOU ARE SPECIAL

Nobody can paint your arms.
Nobody, absolutely nobody in the universe, see things as you see them.
In the whole history there has never been nor they will be nobody that laughs exactly as you, nobody will laugh or cry with the same things
that makes you laugh or cry.
Then… it means YOU ARE SPECIAL.

You are different to anybody who has lived since beginning of creation.
You are the only one in the whole existence that has your
individual set of qualities.

Yes, there is always someone who is better in something or the other.
Each person is superior to you in one thing, but nobody in this universe can reach the quality of your talents and feelings combination.

Like in a room full of musical instruments some instruments can stand out from the others, but nobody can match the symphonic sound when all the instruments are played together. It’s your symphony. Throughout eternity nobody will walk, talk, think or do things exactly as you do.

YOU ARE SPECIAL. You are rare, and in all the rareness there is a great value, and because of this great value the necessity of you imitating
any other person is absolutely wrong.

YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL, and this is not by accident. Please, realize that God has created you so special for a specific purpose. He has some work for you that nobody can do it as you: to be so special. Between millions of candidates only one is qualified. Only one has the right combination of what is needed, and that person is you. Because…


With loves, Your premis sevadaris from PremPrakashPanth.com


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