Monday, 21 December 2015

Prem Prakash Panth, seva, sevadaris

Satnam Sakhi
With the blessings of our dear Satguruji Maharaj, the Indian community of Canary Islands has donated a total of  680 kilos to the Banco de Alimentos of Tenerife .
300 kilos rice
300 kilos lentils
50 kilos sugar
30 kilos chocolate milk powder
Thanking all of you for your help and cooperation in this moments of need.
May Sais blessings be always on all of you
Satnam Sakhi

Friday, 18 December 2015

Satnam Sakhi - Seva

Satnam Sakhi . with the blessings of Satguru Maharaj, 100 - 120 families who had lost pretty much all their material possessions to the flowing flood waters, were given basic relief material comprising of a bucket, mug, lungi, bedsheet, dress, towel, mosquito coils, nightie, and vicks. After careful survey shewadharis identified the remote area of Padappai, 50 kms from Chennai, where no relief had reached. It was an eye opener to see these families  being so happy to receive these small things, which appear insignificant to many of us. But that highlights the extent of loss they have suffered. We  received great coordination and support from the local church there.... sagaya annai church, padappai. Few images follow.

A similar relief distribution was done yesterday at another remote area, Takkalloor, a small village about 50kms away. (180/families). Here also good job done by senior shewadharis of the Chennai darbar. May Satguru Maharaj blessing be always on all the souls that contributed financially and morally to the small effort on our part. Satnam Sakhi. Thank you all. We are now trying to see what else can be done beyond this to help them rebuild their lives. We seek your blessings in the process. 

It was extremely satisfying. Unimaginable suffering they have gone through. Only when we see them we are able to relate to it. Thanks to all who made it possible and made us realise how fortunate we are for what God has given us. Hari Om!


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